A CASCADING NETWORK OF AUDIBLE AND VISUAL ALARM APPARATUSES THAT ARE SYNCHRONIZE ALERTING IN COLORED STROBING LIGHT (RED for smoke, AMBER for carbon monoxide, BLUE for gas, and GREEN for Safe-Way-Out direction). The network further comprises an Intercom system that can communicated FROM-Anywhere-TO-Anywhere within the network.  And finally, all devices can communicate with a Base-Station; that afford greater system functionality. The Base-Station can easily be any of the conventional ‘smart’ home devices such as Amazon’s DOT/ALEXA, Microsoft’s GLAS, Apple’s HOME-POD, Google’s HOME, etc.  All these features packaged in a traditional ‘style’ lighting fixture that also functions as an Intelligent Lamp.

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Normal State

At its very core the LifeLamp DETECTOR™ is a High Efficiency LED Lighting Fixture that will save up to 90% of the energy used by conventional lighting fixtures. This fact alone the LifeLamp DETECTOR™ will pay for itself in a very short time. But the LifeLamp DETECTOR™ is so much more that an energy saving lighting fixture, it is a life saving device. Contained inside of this device is sophisticated detection technology that continually monitors the environment for hazards, such a smoke, natural and propane gas, carbon monoxide, and radon.

That is just the beginning, the LifeLamp DETECTOR™ is an emergency light source during power outages. This is possible due to the integrated, rechargeable battery, built in to every device. One of the greatest features of the LifeLamp DETECTOR™ is as an emergency exiting guide, the LifeLamp DETECTOR™ will show the safest route from a structure during an emergency.

We are not done, the LifeLamp DETECTOR™ has the ability to be controlled by voice command whether it is to silence a false alarm, or turn the lights on or off, to set a preset timed event, or to alert to an emergency. The LifeLamp DETECTOR™ is truly a revolutionary device that will save lives, save energy, and the environment. Why would you buy an ordinary bulb again?

Safe-Way Out Signaling

LifeLamp DETECTOR™ Go to Green Alert. When a LifeLamp DETECTOR™ detects an event such as smoke or gas it will communicate with all other LifeLamp DETECTOR™ devices in the home. This provides alerts throughout the home both visually and audibly. The device that picks up the emergency will alarm with a specific color for what it has detected, red for fire, blue for gas, yellow for carbon monoxide. This first device will then communicate with the other devices in the home. These devices will alarm and turn green; the green signifies that this area has not been affected by the emergency yet and is safe to exit by following the green lights.

Fire / Smoke Detection

LifeLamp Detector™ when it detects smoke will alarm and flash red, it will then communicate with all other LifeLamp Detector™devices in the home. Remember when exiting Go to Green for safe exit. As the emergency progresses and smoke moves to other areas the LifeLamp Detector™ will turn from green to red. This is telling you that the area that is alarming in red is not safe for exit.

Fire Detection

CO Detection

LifeLamp DETECTOR™ when it detects carbon monoxide gas CO will alarm and flash yellow. The device will then signal all other LifeLamp DETECTOR™ devices in the home alerting all areas of the home. This is important during sleep times when early warning is needed before people are overtaken by the carbon monoxide. For example a LifeLamp DETECTOR™ that is installed in the basement near the heating equipment picks up a CO gas leak and immediately sends an alarm to the bedside table lamp on the second floor.

CO Detection

Gas Detection

LifeLamp DETECTOR™ will also detect propane, natural gas, and radon gas providing early warning during these life threatening situations. When the LifeLamp DETECTOR™ detects one of these gases it will alarm with and audible alarm and a blue flashing light, and as with all other alarm detections the LifeLamp DETECTOR™ will communicate with all other LifeLamp DETECTOR™ in the home.

Gas Detection




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A  home can have as many Base-Stations as desired.

Place them in the Master Bedroom and areas that are crossroads of activity.

Easy to program and identify each
LifeLamp DETECTOR™ into the network.

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