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LifeLamp DETECTOR™  is a ‘High Efficiency LED lighting fixture with an integrated danger detecting sensor; built-in. Danger detection of smoke, carbon monoxide (CO) and gases have been individually joined into one device package or combined as a more sophisticated device.

Main Features

One of the main features of the LifeLamp DETECTOR™, is its unique alarming both audibly and visually with strobing colored light; depending on the danger and location. Once installed, the device is always ON-the-ready to alert via its built-in rechargeable battery.


Stephen Scordato

Athena PD, LLC Information Services & Innovation ‘dreamer’.  Entrepreneur.  President, Empire Green Technology Inc.; commercial/industrial energy upgrade/retro-fit consultants.


Kevin Grupp

Athena PD, LLC President & Marketing Executive.  Restaurateur. President, MVP Development Inc.; retail restaurant development company.

716-913-9170 – kgrupp@athenapatents.com

Michael J. Arno

Athena PD, LLC CFO & Promotion Manager.  CFO Engineered Air Products, Lancaster, New York; manufacturer of industrial manufacturing machinery.


John A. Carlin

Athena PD, LLC CTO, Engineering Director & IP Manager.  Managing Staff/Chief Engineer, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Airtek Div. (retired).


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